The Senator Buy Back Program

With Joe Manchin of West Virginia in the news for being one of two Democrats in the Senate obstructing good things like voting rights protections and increased minimum wages despite the wishes of a sizable majority of his own constituents because he’s being bought off by special interests, I tweeted the following:

Having few followers, virtually no engagement and lacking the time or interest to develop any social media game, I’m briefly elucidating here (where it will get about as many eyeballs on it as Twitter) what I’m driving at.

We the people have the power of numbers and, when united, are a force to be reckoned with even pitted against the worlds largest corporate and national interests. Therefore, I propose a means by which constituents can crowdfund political bribes … er, donations to compete with bids from other special interest and lobbying groups, secured in a kind of escrow and awarded to said politicians upon meeting the terms. That could be for simply voting a certain way regardless of outcome or maybe more money is awarded if the legislation passes, incentivizing our on-the-take politician (redundant?) to actively negotiate with other legislators.

In an ideal world those we vote for would actually represent our interests. But we don’t live in that world. What we call corruption and complain of endlessly as though that will change anything is the feature, not the bug, in this world and it clearly works for those who leverage it. With numbers a little money can buy a lot of leverage. Maybe even enough to take money like this out of politics and end such corruption, ironically.

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