Savoring a delicious helping of schadenfreude from Trumpists expecting the healthy tax return they’d always received under Obama only to receive crumbs or having to cough up more taxes owed under Trump. I’d anticipated this inevitable outcry and, if I’m being honest, looked forward to it.

Even before Republicans and Trump passed their so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, many of us had foreseen the consequences and taken measures to mitigate the inevitable fallout that is only now beginning to manifest itself. In what so often is a wasted effort, we tried to warn them but they laughed in our faces, pointed their stumpy fingers in our chests, dismissed us as libtard snowflakes, proclaimed our words “fake news” and are deservedly poorer for their ugly, prideful ignorance and shitty decisions repeatedly foisted on the rest of society who tolerates them.

Taxes 2019: Why is my refund lower for 2019?


Gotta hand it to Republicans. For a cult that doesn’t trust the scientific method or believe in any working economic theory, they clearly know and strategize around how gullible their base is. In a move as brilliant as it was diabolical, their shiny new law cut the amount of federal tax withheld from payroll so that the average worker would enjoy that much more money in their paychecks. Trump, a compulsive con man and consummate tax cheat born with a silver spoon up his ass, promised (something that, as usual, there was no way he could or would deliver on) that the typical American household would receive a $4000 pay raise. The gimmick worked. Millions of dangerously dumb people bought it. And they wouldn’t discover they’d been sold a bill of goods until after they’d voted for the Republicans they’d been duped into believing enriched them until after the 2018 midterm elections when it’d be too late, the damage done, their money swindled from them via this tried and true trickle down trick to actually enrich their already obscenely wealthy benefactors. And by the time the 2020 election rolls around, their gnat-attention-span, empathy-deficient voters will have forgotten being ripped off and refocused on abortion, black and brown immigrants, minority voters, Muslims, LGBTQ folks and any other bogey man that frightens them into mistakenly feeling as though they’re somehow under assault in order to make the irrational justification that their delusional tit-for-tat offensive on the autonomy and rights of others is somehow self-defense. It’s no accident that the vast majority of terrorism hurting our nation comes from aggrieved white right-wing ideologues. We are all worse off for these people.

So it is without sympathy that a direct line can be drawn between Trumpists’ vote for a renown scammer and their being scammed. If anything, it’s long overdue karma in light of their support, tacit or full-throated, for all the other cruel and malicious acts inflicted upon humanity and the world in Trump’s name.

I would like to see more such consequences. Think climate change is a Chinese hoax perpetuated by overpaid scientists with liberal agendas? Get another great Trump deal on some beachfront property overlooking the NOT rising ocean. Or how about a great Trump deal on a cabin on a lake in a WASPy community surrounded by picturesque NOT burning trees. Think women shouldn’t be allowed to make reproductive decisions regarding their own bodies? Now you’re responsible for all the NOT unwanted children without being taxed for nor receiving any of that pesky government welfare assistance. You’ll just have to buy your own bootstraps to pull yourself up by like the hardworking capitalist you are. Think people who look or act different are scary and beneath you? Self-deport with all expenses paid for one way Trump ticket to Russia where his associates there will help you to assimilate in your new Motherland, protected by the authoritarian autocrat you’ve effectively already cast your vote for. Пожалуйста!

As it happens, yet another Trump crony, this one at the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau, is deregulating the predatory payday lender (aka. legalized loan sharks) industry in a move that’s all but certain to NOT cost Trumpists who take out a NOT unaffordable loan to help make up for them NOT receiving less tax refunds. Truly, a tremendous opportunity. The best! ?? Let Trump take care of his bullshit-blinded believers the way he always has and even a cursory glance at his history shows the problem takes care of itself eventually. They just need a little push here and there to speed up that disillusionment process and liberals need to step aside and stop trying to protect these people from themselves — they don’t want help they don’t think they need and they shouldn’t get it. They either learn or burn.

Consumer Protection Bureau Cripples New Rules for Payday Loans (Published 2019)

The agency’s new director reversed course on regulations intended to prevent borrowers from being caught in an endless cycle of short-term, high interest loans.


Unfortunately, more than just Trumpists are negatively affected by recent tax reforms. Republicans deliberately crafted it to target and punish voters in higher taxed, more Democratic-leaning areas by slashing deductions that people living in those areas used to reduce their overall tax burden. But if it’s any solace, their hastily rolled out shotgun approach is tearing through A LOT of their base too who only have a 100% Republican controlled government to blame for it.

I’d restructured my business as a corporate entity to mitigate the self-employment taxes imposed by the previous Republican administration which happened to prepare me to benefit from this tax cut under the current Republican administration. As a single childless man, I nearly always owe but I’d owe far more otherwise.

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But this is what Republicans do. They promise to cut taxes to create better paying jobs, working class folks assume (wrongly) they’re getting the promised tax cut or better paying jobs, vote Republicans into office, Republicans do cut taxes (for the wealthy), slash social programs that their voters take for granted (until they’re gone) to make up for the disparity, deregulate and crash the economy (similar to how one cuts the brake lines to make a car go faster), blame Democrats elected to clean up their mess for the bad economy, lie, crash, blame, repeat. You can set your watch by it.

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