The Way Is Shut. It Was Made By Those Who Disabled Your Facebook Account, And The Facebook Keeps It.

Those “Log in with Facebook” sign in options you see on sites around the internet — just don’t do it! Nor any other third party service like Yahoo!, Twitter, Google, etc. for that matter. But Facebook is the most capricious.

While bundling all one’s logins under a single account with a single password seems convenient (and could be under other circumstances), consider what happens to all those other services if this one account they’re bound to suddenly stops working.

My initial concern was Facebook going the way of MySpace and Friendster, but what if I fail in my attempts to log in from a new device and get locked out of my account? What if I’m reported by some anonymous sadist or butthurt nobody and consequently blocked from my account? What if my account is permanently disabled?

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If a third party service I signed into through Facebook doesn’t offer another way to access or recover my account there with them then I’m fucked.

And good luck trying to contact Facebook. It can’t be done, by design. When something is free then we are the product. And a business does not waste its time negotiating with the product. It packages and sells the product. If Facebook decides one of their products is defective, it simply discards it — and everything it happens to be connected to.

So don’t connect through Facebook. Use a password manager to organize logins for different sites, keep them separate.

Use Facebook and other so-called social media to share things you can always find someplace else and that’s it. Social media is like an open sewer or shared scrapbook or pick your metaphor but we are doomed if we ever come to depend upon it — which is what it wants for the same reason any dealer wants their users hooked.

‘Never get high on your own supply’ – why social media bosses don’t use social media

Developers of platforms such as Facebook have admitted that they were designed to be addictive. Should we be following the executives’ example and going cold turkey – and is it even possible for mere mortals?


One account to rule them all,
one account to find them.
One account to bring them all,
and in the Facebook bind them!

Just don’t do it!

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